Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at our frequently asked questions and their answers.

Barko FAQ

Q: How do I contact Barko Loans?

A: Contact our Customer Care on 080 777 3777 or 087 980 5002 or email us on

Q. What are the requirements needed to apply?

A. You need to be formally employed and receive a payslip from your employer.

Q. Which documents do they need if I want to apply for a loan?

A. The required documents are:

  • Latest payslip
  • Three-month bank statement
  • ID book/ valid passport
  • Bank card (for verification and to swipe your card to ensure that we load a successful debit)

Q. Can I qualify for a loan if I’m receiving a grant?

A. By law BFS/Barko Loans is not permitted to assist grant recipients.

Q. Can I apply online?

A. Currently, Barko Loans does not have online facilities for new clients. Kindly visit a branch to check if you qualify for a loan application.

Q. What if I get paid on a fortnight basis?

A. BFS/Barko Loans does assist clients that get paid on a fortnight and weekly cycle.

Q. When do your branches open?

A. Barko Loans business hours are 07:30 - 17:00 on weekdays and weekends from 07:30-13:00. During our business hours, you can contact our toll-free line: 080 777 3777.

Q. What type of loans do you offer?

A. Barko Loans offers personal 30-day loans payable in one instalment.

Q. Where can I find a branch closest to me?

A. Visit the Barko Loans website and check the branch locator.

Q: How do I lodge a complaint?

A: SMS ‘BAD’ to 43991 and the Customer Care team will get back to you.

Q: How long does it take to apply for a loan?

A: If There are no technical issues during the process, it typically takes a few minutes.

Q: Do branches operate during load shedding?

A: Yes, our branches operate during load shedding.

Q: Can I apply for a loan if I am not in the branch?

A: Barko Loans offers remote loans. You can apply for a loan without setting foot in the branch. This service is only available to existing clients.

Q: Can I go to any branch for assistance?

A: Yes, although we would prefer you contact your branch, it is possible to get assistance from any of our branches.

Q: How do I get commission for recommending a client?

A: Your commission depends on the approved loan amount for the referred client. Our branches have a commission table that explains how much commission a Commission Agent could earn. Make sure to ask your branch personnel and register as a Commission Agent at your branch. If you are not already registered as a Commission Agent, make sure to ask and register as a Commission Agent when you arrive at the branch.

Q: Can I apply for a loan if I am not from South Africa?

A: Yes, you need to have a valid Passport.

Q: Why do I need to provide my personal details?

A: We need your personal details to verify that we are assisting the right person, as well as for compliance and legal purposes.

Q: What is a DebiCheck mandate?

A: DebiCheck Mandate is an authorisation process that gives you control and peace of mind because all your debit orders require you to verify them. By enrolling with DebiCheck, you can securely approve debit order requests and prevent fraudulent debit orders from coming off your account.

Q: How do I accept the mandate?

A: Approving a DebiCheck mandate is simple! When arranging a new debit order or applying for a Barko loan, you'll need to accept a DebiCheck mandate authorising payment from your account. The DebiCheck prompts will guide you on the steps to follow on your phone, ATM and on your internet banking profile. To approve the mandate, you will receive a notification from your bank through your online banking, mobile (app) banking, or USSD.

Q: Why do you need to check my affordability?

A: BFS Barko Loans strives to be responsible lenders; if we value our clients, we value our business. Even more, we value being in business together. In remaining compliant and within the bounds of legislation, we can continually improve our service delivery by complying with the National Credit Regulator Standards and ensuring we consult with clients about incorrect affordability.

Q: How do I report any fraudulent activity?

A: Kindly send an email to JC Oliver or contact him on 082 588 1077.

Q: Who do I contact for media enquiries?

A: For media enquiries please contact Phindile Radebe at or on 078 327 0695.